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Mr. Nitesh Viramgama, founder of Pharmavision, loves to share his roller coaster series of experiences as an Indian student with huge hopes and dreams and what all it took for him to make them come true. He has a vast wisdom and sophistication in the areas of Research, Industry, and Clinical. In the last 10 years, thousands of students’ life has been transformed by his expert knowledge, Counseling, Career Planning and Coaching. He is of Indian origin and honored citizen of Australia and left a respectful, highly paying and successful job to come back to his motherland India and help students here in fulfilling their dreams.

Innovative and Scientific Learning Methodology

Mode of Education also plays an important role, our Currant Eduction system is Chalk and talk method which focused only on information acquiring but in real word we need to be a competent professional. The IPCD has been design with the intention to develop the comptencies to work as a competent Pharmacist. It is a revolutionary program and it has been design on based upon over 10 years research. IPCD makes the Pharmacy learning easy, Interesting and practically applicable. All IPCD lectures start from the very basic understanding of the Pharmacy concept and end at case study discussion to build the patient management skills. This is naturally possible because we are using the integrated learning method

What our students say?

“I completed my Pharm-D from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh and was concerned about different courses and the authentic universities to apply for. I was also perplexed to which country to choose whether Canada, USA or UK. Fortunately, I came in contact with Pharmavision. I have received career counselling and planning for future studies through various digital platforms by Pharmavision.”

Siva Reddy

“I am glad to explain my wonderful experience at Pharmavision, Before giving any suggestion about the courses, while interacting with Nitesh sir, he tried to understand my strengths, aptitudes and interests. Based upon these personal qualities, he suggested me a very appropriate combination of program options With 5 Year Career Plan.”

Heerva Patel

“I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to Pharmavision and get everything done under one roof. Pharmavision not only provided me with an in depth knowledge regarding pharmacy, but also gave me a very broad horizon to explore in life in a few minutes I was convinced that I am in good hands. Thanks Sir.”

Shweta Patel
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