Mr. Nitesh Viramgama


Master of Pharmacy and PGDP in Clinical from Curtin University – Australia MPSA, Member of APSA, Member of American College of Clinical Pharmacy – USA Member of Pharmaceutical society - AUSTRALIA Australia India Citizen.
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From Director's Desk

Mr. Nitesh Viramgama, founder of Pharmavision, loves to share his roller coaster series of experiences as an Indian student with huge hopes and dreams and what all it took for him to make them come true. He has a vast wisdom and sophistication in the areas of Research, Industry, and Clinical. In the last 10 years, thousands of students’ life has been transformed by his expert knowledge, Counseling, Career Planning and Coaching. He is of Indian origin and honored citizen of Australia and left a respectful, highly paying and successful job to come back to his motherland India and help students here in fulfilling their dreams.